Putting Maximum Efforts to Develop Economic Ties With The Worlds: Jaafar Al Hamdani

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The ongoing efforts to rebuild the economic sectors are continued and these efforts are offering the people with best parts of the services in order to achieve the goals that are the objectives of Iraqi government.

The Chambers of Commerce president Jaafar Al Hamdani said in an interview that “we are building the good relationships with foreign companies this is important for us to sustain the international markets. Nowadays, there is globally downfall in the prices and its effecting economic development in Iraq but the decreasing oil prices will not affect the Iraqi dinar value.”

Jaafar Al Hamdani said that Ministry of foreign affairs must have an active role in building the new relations with various countries around the world to exchange the experiences in all fields.

He also added that openness of the world has helped to attract large capital of the country that could be invested and this can help us to achieve the goals we have set in order to find the best parts of the services. We are building the good relationships with the 14 union chambers of commerce from all around the world in order to recruit international effort to serve the Iraqi economy.

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