Provincial Council: Treasury Baghdad empty completely before the end of the year

Provincial Council: Treasury Baghdad empty completely before the end of the year

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Baghdad Council revealed the payment of all amounts allocated to the province, amounting to 1.140 trillion Iraqi dinars, while the Treasury confirmed that Baghdad has become completely empty before the end of the year.

The head of Financial and Economic Committee of the provincial council Sabah al-Tamimi told / JD / on the sidelines of a seminar to discuss the budget to maintain the presence of President of the Council Riad : The Treasury Baghdad empty road before the end of the year, after the disbursement of all funds allocated to the Municipality of Baghdad and the province.

She explained: that the amount allocated to the Council of Baghdad in the budget in 2013 amounted to 1 trillion and 140 billion dinars, has been disbursed according to the two fold mechanism, has been disbursed 799 billion Iraqi dinars for the Municipality of Baghdad, while the remaining exchange for the benefit of the province.

Tamimi confirmed that the Council will reveal all projects lagging and closed on the Council to inform them of the Iraqi citizen.

The seminar was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Planning, and members of the House of Representatives and members of local councils and civil society organizations.

For his part Riad ?????? that the amounts exchange for the Municipality of Baghdad to implement projects unfinished, mostly because of problems dating back to, first, the lack of national cadres loyal, secondly companies reluctant and discreet, and thirdly endures citizen because overtaking. / End / / 22

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