Private Sector is Essential for Iraq Development : Shkran Fatlawi

Iraq is one of the fastest growing nations of the world according to the recent World Bank report. The report says that the rate of economic development of Iraq is better than all the other countries of the Middle East and also in the Arab Countries. The expected growth rate of Iraq is also better than all other countries in the region according to World report.  Shkran Fatlawi says that it is not only the result of oil export that economic development of Iraq is better than other nations.private sector of Iraq

The growing investment in the private sector is the major cause that the growth rate of Iraq is considered better than others. Iraq hosted more than $22 billion dollars in the non oil; sector of Iraq and it’s a very big investment in the history of Iraq. The small scale industry and the communication department of Iraq received much more direct investment in the country and remained an attractive central point for investors. Shkran Fatlawi said that private sector cannot be neglected if Iraq want to developed by keeping balance in all the sectors of Iraq and it will be a major cause of employment in the country for the people of Iraq.


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