Time to reveal to the preliminary estimates for 2014 budget

Time to reveal to the preliminary estimates for 2014 budget


Decision revealed the parliamentary Economic Committee, on Tuesday, the initial estimates contained in the 2014 budget bill, and called on the government to speed up as sent to the House of Representatives, and the likely arrival of the parliament after the end of the legislative recess. The decision of the Committee Deputy Mahma Khalil, for “time”, “The budget bill for next year have not up until now the House of Representatives, but according to preliminary estimates,

the budget amounted to about 194 trillion dinars and 600 billion, the equivalent of 150 billion and 100 million dollars, in both its investment and operational, “adding that” the investment budget of around 40%, while operating stands at about 60%; go salaries and support for commodities, and by deficit amounted to about 35 trillion dinars. ”

He continued that “the budget is built on the basis of the export of three million barrels of oil, at a price of $ 90 per barrel,” explaining that “this is the outline of the 2014 budget.”

The Khalil, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, “The budget included a calculation of the inflation rate, which amounted to 3%, in addition to calculating the poverty rate, which amounted to 19%,” adding that “the security sector and defense – as usual – topped the list of assignments.”

And the decision of the Economic Committee that “the right of the House of Representatives constitutional ratification of the budget, or not to ratify, in addition to the reallocation amounts between sections of the budget and classrooms, as well as demanding an increase in the expenses of a sector when necessary,” pointing out that “the government will not allow the Parliament to exercise these constitutional rights, by sending the budget late every year. ”

He explained that “the draft budget should come in early, so that they can committees discussed extensively,” and urged at the same time to “engage the delegates from the provinces in the House of Representatives to discuss the draft budget, because it is the people’s livelihood and Erzagah.”

He guessed Khalil “The arrival of the draft budget for 2014 after the legislative recess to parliament, but the government has not been resolved yet differences around the circle, and issues related to the executive,” expected to “bear the 2014 budget and the pitfalls of the differences and many of the gaps like predecessors.”


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