Iraq’s politicians weave electoral law on the table differences

Iraq’s politicians weave electoral law on the table differences


electoral lawBaghdad / Mesalla: the head of the political scene in Iraq once again to the new node many parties involved in the political process in tissues around the axis of “the new election law.” As seen to the position of President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, of amending the election law as an attempt to seize the “opportunity” for electoral gains and political, according to critics of his positions, see the coalition of law “threats” Kurdistan President Barzani to boycott the elections, “blackmail” to pass a law separating the size Kurdistan Alliance. And between the two positions, there are political parties, including the “Iraqi”, warns not to adopt the new law.

It is no secret, that the election law, the subject of political debate remains widely within and outside the parliament, ??????? views intransigent political blocs without regard to what may cause delay legislation the law of the problems that may hinder future parliamentaryelections where Iraqis hope, a new political process.

In the recent period, carried between the political arena carries wide developments at the level of the electoral law, which now delay approval exciting to the concerns of the vast popularity of the ongoing parliamentary debate continues around him and that extended to the parliamentary circles that warned of a popular uprising if they check the postponement.

The problem today, that the dialogues on the draft of the amended election law, did not work, but increased the conflicts around him, still the Kurdistan Alliance insisting on increasing the number of compensatory seats and make Iraq a single constituency and this was confirmed by the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani in an interview, last Tuesday, with A number of representatives of the satellite channels that “the province supports the holding of parliamentary elections within a single electoral constituency,” noting that “the single circuit system enhances democracy and greater justice,” stressing “the inability to return to the previous law for elections.”

Barzani considered that “in the event of finding his replacement must compensate for the injustice caused to the Kurdistan Region as a result of multiple circuit system.”

The escalation of the situation, clear images and is reflected in the strong opposition expressed by a coalition of state law to the demands of the Kurdistan where he describes as “an attempt to circumvent the Constitution and Neil additional share of compensatory seats at the expense of the southern provinces.”

Political blocs did not stop, a spectator from the crisis if it sought to irreversible and defused through delegation of leaders of the blocks last Tuesday, House Speaker Osama Najafi, “conduct dialogues with political leaders to find a consensus required to approve the current draft of the election law.”

But the mandate Najafi yielded reactions varied between the political blocs that supported each intervention Najafi being “a party to an important political,” while counting others mandate Najafi, “is of value being unconscious for the credibility of the political,” as is the MP for the coalition of state law, Hanan al, in this regard, in a statement for “obelisk”, “House Speaker Osama Najafi element is active in the issue of approving the election law.”

Fatlawi added, “Najafi has an important role in the adoption of the electoral law for the loss of credibility where he stressed on more than one parliamentary session on strictly defined as the date to vote on the draft law, but he is still the subject of controversy among the political blocs to an end now.”

And ??????? Fatlawi “can not Ngeevi work to pass the election law that the existing differences on the law stemming from the Kurdistan Alliance has made the House of Representatives at a crossroads, either to bow to the demands of the Kurds and the adoption of the law (serpentine) for the elections unfair to the Iraqi people or stuck blocs position that gives the new law all his right. ”

But the Kurdistan Alliance, another view on the mandate Najafi led dialogues between the political blocs on the election law, as it is useful Alliance MP Mohsen al-Sadoun that “the President of the House of Representatives an active role in ending the controversy over the election law in the House of Representatives being the head of the council and leader of the Iraqi List what could lead dialogues meaningfully during the pre-approval stage through which the election law during the current period. ”

And went on Saadoun “mandated Najafi led debates on the election law comes distant stage saturation experienced by dialogue Parliament about the law in the House of Representatives can do to reach the highest degree of consensus on the law and the legislation properly to ensure that the rights of all political parties away from the atmosphere of the meetings of parliamentary charged differences about the law. ”

It was not fragments differences far off even for the National Alliance, reaching its ranks, dispersed consensus around it, MP for the National Alliance, Ahmed Chalabi supports the district system per the Code of him on the social networking site “Facebook” under the title “Iraq as one constituency,” in a coup sudden National Alliance demands “to stay under the multi-constituency system.”

Chalabi attributed his support for single-district system as a way to “kill ditching sectarian and go (quota) to the provinces, which are without representation, to be in the House of Representatives (Representative) effectively and to maintain one is better than many in vain.”

He said Chalabi “consider Iraq a single constituency, there will ensure that in the selection of the national figures high professional that can truly build the country, not just slogans, and the conditions on this vote that does not go to a second beneficiary surplus.”

And hit Chalabi, for example, a supporter of his theory, “If you got a candidate on 200 thousand votes and electoral threshold 30 thousand only, will neglect the rest of the votes for that does not come nominee to be deputy voices of the other for this, we will find in parliament, people who have a true representation of the people, the condition that oversees elections international organizations to ensure the integrity of the election. ”

The controversial new election law, beyond the Kurdistan Alliance’s determination to achieve his demands through it, or Chalabi opinions around him, to the Congress and other political blocs, is keen to have a clear position on the issue.

It was considered the official spokesman of the National Bloc white Kazem al-Shammari, commissioned Najafi to discuss with political leaders on the election law would provide “real ground for adoption of an integrated law serves Iraq and the democratic experiment.”

Al-Shammari said in a press statement received “obelisk” The election law is considered one of the most important laws directly affecting the ??????? the political process, therefore, adopted in accordance with the principle of consensus and national interest will be thesafety valve for not creating the atmosphere of a negative benefit of those who want to sabotage the democratic experiment in the new Iraq ” .

While MP for the coalition of state law Faleh Ziadi threat of Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani to boycott the elections if the return to the election law the old or pass a new law without the consent of the Kurdistan Alliance as “an attempt to blackmail the parliament to pass an election law that meets the interests of the Kurdistan Alliance only away from the interests of the people Iraq. ”

At the same time, the decision of the House of Representatives warned the Iraqi List MP Muhammad Al-Khalidi from a failure to approve amendments to the election law within the period set by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in the 30th of the current month. Noting that “no law can not be enacted unless political consensus.”

As a student existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, open the menu and the way St Lego rate in the calculation of votes, reflecting the will of the citizens in the composition of theHouse of Representatives next year. Allawi said in his personal social networking site (Facebook) “from the supreme national interest, we find that the selection of the open list and the way St Lego rate in the calculation of votes are best suited in the composition of the House of Representatives next year.”

And warned the Electoral Commission for elections, to delay the vote on the election law, because it will reflect negatively on their work. He said UNHCR spokesman Safaa al-Moussawi, said that “any delay in the vote, would disrupt the work of UNHCR, despite the continuing crisis, preparations for the elections.”

As part of that criticized the MP for the Iraqi bloc free high Nassif strongly, “the agreement of the political blocs to hold elections end next April,” as she described as a “constitutional violation can not be tolerated.”

For his part, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, said that “the adoption of the previous election law amended, missed him a lot of seats in the previous election.”

And MP for the mass citizen Abdul-Hussein Abtan “The differences over the election law, the largest political parliament, which is not the differences between deputies or blocks, but between political parties.”

He ruled out the National Bloc MP Ahmed Al Oraibi white to be consensus on the new election law during the current period to the continuity of the differences on it.

The decision of the House of Representatives, Mohammed al-Khalidi, the effects of last Wednesday, the failure of the political blocs to reach an agreement on the election law, controversial.

Khalidi said in a press conference followed the “obelisk” that “the Presidency of the Council of Representatives held a meeting with leaders of parliamentary blocs in the Legal Committee to discuss five important laws different.”

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