Parliament Voted on 5 Decisions and Sent for Final Vote on Iraqi Budget 2018

The Iraqi House of Representatives has started its 13th regular session. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salim Al-Jubouri conducted session on Thursday in the presence of 180 deputies. The session took place to vote on the financial budget law draft 2018 and the House voted on 5 parliamentary resolutions. A statement issued from the Information Office of the Iraqi House of Representatives that the House Speaker congratulated all those who participated in finalizing Iraqi budget 2018. Al-Jubouri stressed that Iraqi House of Representatives should execute laws in protecting the teacher. He delivered his words admiring Iraqi teachers on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day. He encouraged their remarkable efforts during the most critical situations and challenges. Al-Jubouri appreciated their role in efficient growth of generations and their contribution in building the present and future of Iraq. The Education Committee in the Iraqi House of Representatives also congratulated the educational family on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day.

Parliament Voted on 5 Decisions and Sent for Final Vote on Iraqi Budget 2018The Committee also congratulated that educational family and each of its participants on educating the sons of the nation with useful knowledge. It was also said that the foundation of building modern societies is education. The head of the Finance Committee, MP Muhammad Tamim said that the observations have been submitted by the Finance Committee in absence of deputies from Kurdish blocs. Tamim pointed out that there are some points of disagreement in the budget draft law 2018, including issue on the salaries of state employees, terms and conditions of the provinces of Kurdistan region, and salaries of Peshmerga. He confirmed that entire articles of the draft budget 2018 have been finalized. The council voted on a decision to reschedule the loans granted to farmers in the agricultural sector. The revenues from the export of crude oil were calculated on the basis of an average price of 46 U.S dollars per barrel.

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