Parliament Recommendations to Promote Investment in Iraq

Iraqi Dinar 123 News: – A representative of economy and investment commission is working on a set of proposals that are submitted to the government to bring the global corporate investment events and an encyclopedic economic regeneration in the country. A member of the commission MP Harith Al Harthy said that the commission also presented a set of suggestions to the government about the rehabilitation and investment for the infrastructure in the country. He further said that it would allow several foreign companies to implement the infrastructure projects and housing for the Iraqi citizens among the proposals. He also added that it would encourage investments in industry and agriculture sectors.

He further added that the commission also submitted a suggestion to activate and support the Iraqi private sector to become the major partner in building the Iraqi nation. It will enable to create an absolute economic revival in the country. This is the time when the Iraq is suffering from the economic crisis and global downfall in the global oil prices.

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