Parliament is Approving Budget bill 2014

The representatives of the house is approving budget 2014 in the next few days even without the participation of Kurdistan. One of the noted Member of Parliament said that parliament is approving budget 2014 so that it may not be a black spot in the parliament history of Iraq. Few days ago, parliament of Iraq decided to postpone annual; budget 2014 to 2015 when Kurdistan boycotted the budget meetings. The people consider that it will be a black spot in the history of Iraq parliament if budget did not approve in the country.parliament of Iraq

Sources say that the conflict between Iraq and Kurdistan is becoming severer because of new issue of new currency. Kurdistan parliament is issuing new notes separate from Iraqi dinar that is not being appreciated by any of the person in Iraq. Therefore the conflict is becoming more severe in the country. The arbitration of United States is also not working quite efficiently as thought by many of the people in the country because both of the regions are at the dead lock situation. It may possible Iraq has to bear a huge loss if this conflict remained in the country for longer period of time.


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