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Iraqi Non-Oil Sectors offering more Investment Projects for Investors: Washington

Why the World Bank decreased Financial Support for Iraq?

The Iraqi government is looking to implement the national reconciliation project in the country. This step will be taken due to the conditions imposed by the World Bank for providing ...

Iraqi Finance Committee Warned about Entire Bankruptcy in Iraq

The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee issued a statement that Iraqi government and regulatory authorities are unable to take legal actions against state institutions regarding corruption. ...
Why U.S Dollar is Showing a Decline in Financial Trading Global Markets?

Why Decline in Exchange Rate of U.S Dollar against Iraqi Dinar? Experts

Last week, the Iraqi local markets experienced low U.S dollar exchange rate against Iraqi dinar currency. A number of financial economists said that it belongs to weakness of international ...
Iraqi Politician are excluded from Ban

Some Iraqi Citizens can travel to United States: Silliman

The U.S ambassador to Baghdad, Douglas Silliman has confirmed that some Iraqi citizens including diplomats, politicians, businessmen and traders aren’t being covered under the recent ...
Blocked Americans

Iraq has Blocked Americans to enter in Iraq

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has Blocked Americans to enter in Iraq and demanded that the U.S President Donald Trump should reconsider the decision of banning entry for Iraqi citizens ...
We will Increase Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate against U.S Dollar: CBI

Is Borrowing $31 Billion from CBI Legal?

One Saturday evening, the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee issued a statement that the government of Iraq has planned to utilize CBI reserves and borrowing $31 billion from the ...
Investment Law

Iraq is now Secure for International Investment: Economic Experts

The role of Iraqi private sector in the Iraqi economic process should be more realistic. The current situation in the country needs to prove their worth by improving credit rating from ...

Abadi has confirmed Double support from Trump for Iraq

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said that the new U.S administration and the U.S President Donald Trump have confirmed their full support for Iraq in various areas. ...
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