Deputy: Investment affected not only by adoption of the budget

Deputy: Investment affected not only by adoption of the budget


budgetLikely a member of the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives to adopt the Council of Ministers plan to allow him to spend the operating budget and abandon the Moana investment in case of continued deficit parliament to find a compromise to approve the budget of the country, the public, especially with the arrival of the efforts of the House of Representatives in this regard to the path of the semi-closed after the accession of the Vice-block ( Liberal) Vest to their peers who have dropped out of the block (united).

says committee member Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri in an interview with Radio Free Iraq “that affected much of the failure to approve the budget with the approach of parliamentary elections sector investment, which will depend almost entirely to the government’s inability to spend any amount of appropriations. ”

indicates economic expert Hilal Taan that this view is consistent with what was the law offinancial management and public debt for the year 2004, and that he “allowed the Iraqi government to spend Moana operating fully, so that does not stop the provision of benefits of state employees and retirees,” as well as that the law “allows for the ministry, regardless representing 1/12 of the total budget is certified for the payment of expenses of the state necessary.”

in the same context, confirms a member of the legal committee in the House ofRepresentatives Abdul Mohsen al-Sadoun and the existence of “the problem of disturbing and true regarding the possibility of completing the quorum of the parliament session special passage of the budget, with the withdrawal of deputies blocs (Liberal) and (united), which will narrow significantly the chances the only solution for the adoption of the budget that the new country.

” Referred to the House of Representatives had witnessed several cases of withdrawal and the District of meetings by most of the parliamentary blocs large during the last two years The current approval of what the holidays are many important draft laws.

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