One Daesh Militant killed by Turkish Police trying a Suicide Bomb Attack

On Wednesday, the Interior Ministry of Turkey issued a statement that Turkish police killed one ISIS (Daesh) militant. He was set to carry out a suicide bomb attack on a police station in the Mediterranean city of Mersin. The attacker was wearing a vest packed with explosives when he was killed outside the police station in the Yenisehir district. The Turkish security sources have indicated that the police station was located next to the regional headquarters of Turkish MIT National Intelligence Agency. The Turkish Interior Ministry said in a statement that a member of the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization wearing a suicide bomb jacket was killed in front of the central police station in the Mersin, Yenisehir district. The Governor office of Mersin said that police officers spotted the suspect behaving doubtfully 50 meters from the police station. The suspect refused an order to stop and continued to move towards the police station.

One Daesh Militant killed by Turkish Police trying a Suicide Bomb AttackThe statement of Governor’s office further indicated that the suspect was shot when his hand reached to a cable hanging down from his shoulder. Point to be noted that a number of Daesh militants have previously carried out gun & bomb attacks in Turkey. A large number of foreign fighters have passed through Turkey in the past couple of years to join the terrorist group in its self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria. The Turkish official statistics indicated that Turkey locked up at least 5 thousand Daesh elements in recent years and deported 3,290 foreign militants belong to 95 different countries. The Dogan news agency mentioned the suspect was 20-years old Syrian national and currently living in an apartment block near the central police station. The Turkish bomb experts effectively defused the explosive device. Police then reached the home of suspect and captured his father, but his other family members had moved to Mersin one year ago.

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