Oil Prices Get Stable at $ 65.09 Barrel

On Friday, the oil prices are seems stabilized and experts believe that the Brent oil price is expected to rise in the month of June at 22 cents and it will be reached at 65.09 U.S dollars per barrel. According to most of the experts, oil prices would touch their highest level in 2015. But the scene has been changed and it is back on track after the air strikes in Yemen because the security conditions are at critical stage and fueling problems for crude oil supplies from the Middle East.

The Crude oil prices have raised almost 10 dollars per barrels in the current month with increased poor security situation in the Middle East, which is slowing down the production growth and increased the global oil demand for its growth. On Thursday at 07: 05 GMT, the Brent crude oil price rose for June by 22 cents with 65.09 dollars per barrel after an increase of 2.12 dollars. The U.S crude oil increased for June contracts 8 cents to 57.82 dollars per barrel. The U.S crude oil touched its highest level for 2015 at 58.41 dollars per barrels.

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