Iraq’s dependence on oil only overcome its economic policy

Iraq’s dependence on oil only overcome its economic policy


Baghdad Awan: Counting Commission decision parliamentaryeconomic Mahma Khalil, Monday, Iraq’s dependence on oil and neglecting the rest of the other sectors beyond its economic policy, calling at the same time to reconsider the country’s economic strategy. Khalil said in a statement to “Awan”, that “Iraq’s dependence on oil only, without relying on the rest of the other sectors is an encroachment on its economic policy,” adding that “Iraq can rely on other aspects such as religious tourism and the exploitation of his geographical location in the business side, In addition to other sectors such as agriculture and industry. “

The Khalil, a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, that “Iraq today neglected these sectors important, so we see that 95% of the revenue of the Iraqi state comes from oil, in addition to the oil industry manufacturing non-existent Also, what reason upheaval in these revenues.”

He continued that “Iraq can rely on the rest of the important economic sectors such as agriculture, sustainable energy, solar or wind, and human resources and religious tourism and mineral wealth and other resources,” calling to “reconsider the strategy of economic of Iraq, and how to invest these revenues to the sustainability of other resources.”

He concluded parliamentary Economic Commission decision by saying that “the State has an obligation under the Constitution to preserve the country’s non-oil revenues.”

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