Oil Investment Will Be Discussed in the Beijing Visit: Al-Abadi

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has planned a visit to Beijing. He said that our main focus will be oil and investment in the official visit and to discuss with the Chinese officials and the preparation for signing a number of agreements. He added that we have three main topics to discuss with Chinese officials during upcoming visit to China. He further explained that Iraq is looking to improve production in the oil sector, in spite of the security factor as we are fighting against terrorism. There are a number of Chinese companies and we think that china will participate in the oil investment sector in Iraq.

Al-Abadi further said that various Chinese companies are working in the oil fields, construction sector and providing many other services in Iraq. Chinese companies have the capabilities to invest in Iraq in order to build the infrastructure. A number of experts have indicated that Iraq has massive potential for investment in the oil sector because Iraq has handsome oil reserves in its soil and Iraq is a major oil exporter in the world. One of the major area is security because Iraq is fighting against terrorism especially with Daash organization in order to maintain the security in the country and this topic would be the most important issue in Abadi’s visit to China. There are a number of countries participating to secure the Iraq and to eliminate the terrorists from the country.

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