Oil Companies Covering Various Areas Of Iraq

Baghdad says that it has no problem with the Kurdish region to sign deals itself i.e. Kurdistan has right to make its own deals with companies and Kurdistan has also right to control the export of OPEC member’s crude. One of the representative of central government said that we have awarded the contract of Qara Dagh to this company for the extraction of oil. Baghdad says, Chevron has got the big project of oil and this will actually benefit the Iraq and its economy. We agree with this project and for this development that the Kurdish government has done. This is the best decision of the Kurdish government in this regard. Jay Pryor, vice president of the Kurdish government met with the Kurdistan President Named Massod Barzani at the world economic forum, during the meeting Pryor discussed the project details and expressed strong commitment in all continued and new projects in Kurdistan.

He said we will try our best in the development of Iraq. This is our motto to support the Iraq and make an Iraq independent in production of oil and gas. And Iraq will be self-dependent on oil production. Unlike Exxon, Chevron has not won any contract in central region and Exxon is dominant in the central region.  And during the last summer, Baghdad hit out the Chevron and barring it from the all remaining contracts with the central government. Exxon on the other hand is moving towards the central government and has commercial terms with the central government that is unworkable. Iraqi minister for Oil and gas said on Monday that, we have given one side to one company so all of the companies may work in a comforting conditions and we will provide them complete security and complete working atmosphere.

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