We are not ready to pay taxes on Salaries: MP Majda Abdel Latif

A question was asked by the Shaima Rashit to reconsider the Paragraph deductions from a member of finance committee in the House of Representatives MP Majda Abdel Latif al Tamimi. The main theme of the paragraph was the “national savings” staff salaries, different products, items, and alternatives to fill the budget deficit. She said, “We are ready to pay the taxes on the different alternatives, but we are not ready to pay the taxes on the Salaries, this will not be compromised on any situation.

The very next day, there was a news that committee was ready to find to deduct the paragraph for the tax deduction of the employees because they cannot afford to pay the further taxes on their salaries and this will be injustice with them, that’s the reason, there should be done something to keep away the salaried individuals from this. She also said that this is not a way to deduct the staff salaries on the advertised rate, but this is a sure way to deduct expenses, increasing the revenues from the natural sources and etc.

The removing of the paragraph will be finalized next Saturday after a meeting with the Finance Committee. And along with this, more options will be considered to include other alternatives. Tamimi confirmed that the Finance Committee at its meeting next Saturday will discuss this paragraph, pointing to the existence within the Commission’s proposals, including the amendment to paragraph to include only the three presidencies.

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