Nomination of Al-Maliki Rejected as the Head of National Alliance

The nomination of the candidate for the presidency of the coalition of state law Nuri Al-Maliki rejected by the National Alliance (ruling party). Our authentic source close to the National Alliance informed that the coalition of state law submitted names of candidates for their presidency. 2 names were presented including the current Iraqi Vice President Nuri Al-Maliki and the Secretary of the Badr Organization MP Hadi Al-Amiri. The source confirmed that the leadership of the National Alliance has unambiguously rejected to take over the presidency of Mr. Maliki. He was allegedly involved in internal and external elements of corruption and mismanagement in the country during his second term as the Iraqi Prime Minister. It ultimately led to the entry of the Daash terrorist organization and the handling control of one third of Iraq. The source indicated that Iraqi political blocks, parties and the National Alliance will participate in the parliamentary and local elections in order to determine the political map of Iraq over the next decade.

Nomination of Al-Maliki Rejected as the Head of National AllianceSource added that there isn’t any risk due to the nomination of Al-Maliki as its party president.  He was one of the elements that didn’t bring betterment in the country and his political age is now over. The source also said that the refusal of Nuri Al-Maliki and acceptance the nomination of the Secretary of the Badr Organization MP Hadi al-Amiri as the head of coalition was due to the personal and electoral differences. It also refused the stream of wisdom led by Ammar Al-Hakim and the Supreme Council led by Hammoud Hammoudi to take over the presidency of the Shiite alliance. Some political experts have indicated that Al-Maliki was looking the post of the President of the National Alliance in order to pressurize the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi. It was due to not taking any step against Maliki in the fight of corruption against the Dawa Party members.

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