Next Year will see Corrupt Elements in the Court: Al-Abadi

On Tuesday, a deputy close to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi informed about the development in the latest extensive report regarding administrative and financial corruption. The source added that Al-Abadi is looking to launch a massive effort in bringing corrupt elements to the court. The source also confirmed that this massive process is expected to be launched at the beginning of next year 2018. Jassem Mohammad Jaafar said in a press statement that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi has been working on the explained report about smuggled public funds out of the country, including administrative corruption and money laundering. Jaafar also said that Al-Abadi has a significant amount of details after receiving expertise in the field of integrity and money laundering from international experts. He explained that this report includes a discovery of tracking entire smuggled money.

Next Year will see Corrupt Elements in the Court: Al-AbadiThe money was fled abroad since the time of the former government, including the bank accounts of a large number of senior former and current government officials allegedly involved in corruption. The major objective of this expected process might be a correction in the course of the government. It would also prevent the cases of smuggling and theft of funds and to stop the continuation of administrative and financial corruption in the country. Jasfar also said that it would also bring back the large amounts in favor of the state treasury. He added that Al-Abadi is ready to launch the expected process on 1/1/2018. He will also announce next year the year of financial and economic stability and government efforts in the fight against the corrupt elements. Jaafar said that his current target before the end of current year will be to finalize the fight against terrorism and the liberation of regions captured by ISIL terrorists. He stressed that there would be no exception for any person from legal accountability despite their positions.

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