Newly Registered Foreign Companies and Chances of Revaluation

Newly Registered Foreign Companies and Chances of Revaluation

Foreign InvestmentIraqi Dinar 123 News:– It was seen that several foreign companies were registered with the Ministry of Commerce during the month of July and June. There are almost 44 foreign companies registered in Iraq. They have 4 different branches and 40 representative offices all over the country.

it has been seen that more and more foreign companies are showing interest in expanding their business within Iraq and during the past month, almost ten more companies have been added to the list of registered companies.

At present almost 54 companies are registered in Iraq. It is expected that by the end of the month of July almost 296 foreign companies would send their representatives into Iraq and these officers would come and set up their offices and branches within Iraq. It was also seen that a good system of management would be set up/ last year almost 256 offices were set up which helped in setting up better relations between Iraq and other countries.

With stability of the government and with the security conditions getting better especially within the southern part of the country, other countries are also interested in setting up better relations with Iraq. It would be helpful for Iraq; the other countries are interested because of the huge oil reserves in the country.

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