New Services & Products Introduced by Iraqi Banks

A financial expert Thamer Al-Azzawi said in a statement that offering the new advanced & best products & services to serve the citizen would provide a significant amount of jump in the banking world. He added that these important steps are harmonious with the governmental developed economic reforms. He added in his statement that the new banking operations introduced by Iraqi banks to achieve the ambitions of the public in keeping up with the global industry of banking by confirming the availability of services in order to restore the confidence of people. He recommended the concerned authorities that banks can provide a much better support according to laws, legislation and financial facilities to offer their work to achieve the benefits to support economic cycle of earnings in the country. The public banks will offer products and services to the citizens including issuance of loans to state employees from Rasheed Bank and Rafidain Bank.

New Services & Products Introduced by Iraqi BanksThe banks will also offer services provided by the Trade Bank of Iraq for commercial loans & housing loans and other concerning products. Al-Azzawi added that banking sector in Iraq has achieved a much better reputation regionally and internationally. Government banks have achieved several awards including obtaining ISO (certificate of quality) and TBI. It strengthened position of Iraqi banks internationally through the sale of Iraqi bonds. He added that Trade Bank of Iraq also achieved 2 awards from The Banker Middle East magazine as the Foundation of best commercial bank and base management campaign for the launch of new identity of the bank in the U.A.E. The magazine Banker Middle East publishes high level affairs & news related to the banking industry in the Middle East. The awards were received in the presence of a large number of international companies. So, the new services & products offered by the banks will gradually deal with the financial fluidity experienced by the banking sector in the country.

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