New Sadrist-Allawi Political Alliance and its Major Targets!

The Sadrist movement surprised its famous base 22nd June for announcing an agreement with National Coalition (Al-Wataniya) headed by Ayad Allawi. Both parties have shown their agreement in forming a new political bilateral alliance in Iraq by unifying political measures about pending issues, hurrying the lawmaking of suspended laws and finding perfect solutions in order to resolve problems in the country prior to start the Iraqi Parliamentary elections 2018. The Sadrist movement headed by Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr and Al-Wataniya has been considered a secular party. A statement issued by the Sadrist Political Committee that both parties have shown their agreement on the formation of a parliamentary front including members from the Sadrist movement and National Coalition. These members should reach understandings in the line with Mosul liberation from IS (Islamic State) terrorist group. They will speed up reform of the electoral process by making changes in the electoral commission members and selecting independent members.

New Sadrist-Allawi Political Alliance and its Major Targets!The new Satrist-Allawi alliance will approve a new electoral law in providing guarantee to a voter and participate in the Iraqi political process for betterment in the country.  One of the Al-Wataniya coalition members in the Iraqi parliament Jamila Al-Obeidi issued a statement that the Sadrist movement has been considered a very close group having unified national identity. It would provide an ease to reach a political agreement with the Sadrist movement in providing suitable political environment in the country. She added that sectarian and political dispute, and regional disturbances have scattered its wealth and pushed Iraq into worst situation. The new alliance will not reject any request from other political parties that believe on the National project in the reconstruction of new Iraqi state based on unity. The new alliance will also help to overcome sectarian issues and it will open new doors to purified national alliances for just caring about reform.

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