New Economic Challenges and Govt Policies

Economic ChallengesIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Iraq has been facing different challenges which have been causing a lot of trouble for the country. The country had no strategy to manage the different issues faced by the government and the people, how ever the people are trying to manage things in a better way.

The government policies are now being headed by the experts of the economic and other fields according to their need in the development of the country. The strategy of developing the country with a proper budget and several other things is going to prove fruitful soon. The Ministry of Finance along with the Central Bureau of Statistics has issued a list of goals that would be helpful in the management of proper system through Iraq in the different fields of management.

The annual budget of 2015 is also a good thing for the recent year’s projects. There are many people who need to follow the strategies only to make reforms in a much better way. The Ministry of Finance is implementing changes and adding financial support to the different sectors for a better system of management in the budget year of 2014 to avoid issues in the coming years. Proper planning would help the country overcome the challenges faced by it.

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