New development for Electricity Projects from Iraqi Government

The Iraqi Ministerial Committee on Energy has discussed ways to provide the necessary fuel for electric power plants, and treatment of emergency shutdowns in the energy system during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi.  The Committee also approved the assignment of service contracts and the collection of investment projects, residential custody of the investor in return bear the financial costs. A meeting of the Ministerial Energy Committee was conducted during which a detailed discussion was held on the issues of electric power, oil, gas, and water, supporting and developing electricity projects, production and generation units, providing fuel for electric power stations, Emergency in the energy system, in addition to supporting the industrial sector and agricultural land reclamation projects. The statement further indicated that the meeting issued several decisions in the field of residential investment projects. The approval of the assignment of service contracts and collection of residential investment projects has been given to the investor in exchange for the financial costs for the implementation of infrastructure services and at least 80% and a collection has been allocated to the province.

electricity projects in Iraq

The statement pointed out that within the plan of reclamation of land received approval to allocate and funding two billion and two hundred and fifty million dinars of emergency reserves, to complete the draft land in Rumaila Muthanna province, which was implemented by the General Company for the implementation of irrigation projects. The statement confirmed that it was approved to allocate and funding two billion dinars from the emergency reserves to carry out the lining of the table Babylon. The statement pointed out that the project was approved to produce topographic maps of Iraq within the investment plan of the General Authority for Survey at a cost of (one hundred and five billion dinars) Eight years and the allocation of the necessary funds within the budget of 2019, and the production of cartography in the said authority to prevent duplication and reduce the cost of production and time.

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