We Need to Be on Better Terms With International Economy: Araji

Economic NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– Iraq is emphasizing on creating better terms with the international economy. This would help the country to make better use of the available investment opportunities and manage things out in a better way. According to Araji, it was said that as all the laws of the different countries show, it can be seen that the proposals to modify the economy would prove to be helpful for a better economic system. it was promised that a factory would be set up in Basmajh that would produce a capacity of 80 units of casting in one day. Araji said that due to the present conditions of Iraq, it would take double efforts by the Iraqis to implement good projects and gain benefit from them.

As per Arajis speech, it was seen that with the provision of tax breaks and the management of fast completion of the different projects, it would be helpful in managing things in a better way. He said that the international companies desire to work with Iraq, so they should be given the opportunities. The opportunities would only be provided if things are handled properly keeping the idea of gaining better relations with the international economy in mind for a better and stronger internal structure.

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