Mutlaq: the blocks determined not to postpone the elections

Mutlaq: the blocks determined not to postpone the elections


Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: The MP said the bloc dialogue Hamid al-Mutlaq, on Friday, that there is the insistence of the political blocs not to postpone the parliamentary elections in all of Iraq’s provinces, including Anbar, pointing out that the postponement of the elections will enter the country in new conflicts.

said Mutlaq for “tomorrow Press “,” The Anbar province is still experiencing some security incidents during combat troops and police for terrorist organizations and that is what sparked suspicion and fear at some of the non-holding of elections as scheduled, “noting that” the mass of dialogue and united in addition to a number of blocks are seeking serious to the completion of the parliamentary elections in Anbar province, because the fairness and electoral entitlement for all. ”

and added that “all the political blocs agreed currently not to postpone the elections in the month of April next for fear of entering the country conflicts policy in the event of delay.”

and the voice of the Iraqi parliament, in Alalraba of October the second in 2013, a majority on the Law of the upcoming parliamentary elections at the end of April of the year 2014, after weeks of controversy and disputes about it. is due to hold parliamentary elections at the end of next April, according to a decision issued by the Presidency of the Republic.

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