MOUs will be Signed Soon between Iraq and the United States: Jumaili

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Trade Minister Salman Jumaili issued a statement that Iraqi government appreciates dealing with the American companies. He added that their dealing should be within the framework of instructions and arrangements for the implementation of government contracts. He said that government contracts should be assigned to those companies that qualify to compete with other international companies. The Iraqi Trade Ministry said in a statement that Jumaili met with the U.S Minister of Economic Affairs Larry Memon at the U.S Embassy. They discussed the process and mechanisms regarding signing MOU (Memorandums of Understanding) between the Iraqi and American officials. The supposed MOU will be signed between both countries to import rice and wheat from the United States, and it will be used for ration card purpose. He also pointed out that entire contracts will be assigned by the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce to qualified foreign companies.

MOUs will be Signed Soon between Iraq and the United States: JumailiThose companies will provide rice and wheat according to the Iraqi specifications and it can’t be exceeded in any condition. Point to be noted that the purchase prices of rice and wheat will be balanced according to the international stock exchange. The statement further indicated that joint MOU (Memorandums of Understanding) will be signed with the U.S side. It will be more helpful in enhancing the bilateral cooperation, especially in the field of economic and commercial between Iraq and the United States. The officials from both sides also discussed the availability of the U.S companies participating in the reconstruction and investment sector in Iraq. Memon also expressed desire of his government in the development of bilateral relation with Iraq in the economic and trade sector. He stressed that need to accelerate the process of signing MOU between both countries. He also expressed readiness of the United States in providing its entire support to Iraq.

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