Mosul Medical College Staff Lost Their Salaries

Mosul Medical College Staff Lost Their Salaries

Shafaq News reported on the 16th of June 2013 another security collapse in Mosul Iraq. According to the information provided by the Shafaq representative, university vehicle was robbed carrying an official staff which withdrew their salaries in the morning from the bank. Mosul University which is also a medical college has their own conveyance to carry its staff and that morning the university was on the daily route carrying a number of staff with salaries. All of  The sudden undefined gunmen managed to snatch more than 850 million Iraq Dinars from the staff. They diverted the bus from their original route and make all the staff hostages for a while. After getting all the money, they ran away.

The security situation of Iraq is getting worst day by day. In the last couple of weeks, many civilians have been killed in a car bomb blast, suicide attacks and robberies. Street crimes are also increasing significantly.

A source of Nineveh Operations Command told shafaq News that some staff members had been detained for interrogation purpose. The gunmen took the money and fled to an unknown destination. Nineveh Operations Command added that an investigation had been opened. They also suspect the collision between the staff and the armed gunmen in the vehicle. What is the actual picture that would be unfolded soon.

Such kinds of incidents have become a challenge for the Iraqi Armed forces. As without controlling these incidents, foreigners will remain reluctant to visit Iraq. Bad security situation leads to a civil war in the end.

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