More than 80 Greek Companies are Preparing to Invest in Iraq

An important meeting held between the head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Jafar al-Hamdani and the Greed ambassador to Iraq. The Greek ambassador announced that 80 Greek companies are preparing to visit Baghdad in October. Their main objective is to participate in the Iraqi development sector and invest in Iraqi markets. Al-Hamdani welcomed the ambassador and expressed his thanks and gratitude for the visit. He also stressed the depth of the Iraqi-Greek economic relations during the meeting. Al-Hamdani said, “The great effort exerted by the chambers of commerce of Baghdad and the Greek- For more than five years, which represents the holding of several large Iraqi economic forums Greek and European and with the participation of hundreds of traders, companies and businessmen of Greek and Iraqis, which was the main reason for the formation of a strong and solid economic relations between both countries”.

More than 80 Greek Companies are Preparing to Invest in Iraq

Al-Hamdani added that the best scored is Mesh more than 350 hip Greek company in these forums where these forums and Greece are Iraqi traders gateway to Europe and the rest of the world. The Greek Ambassador expressed his great pride and warm hospitality and this fruitful meeting which he held with the President of the Chamber, commending his great efforts and keenness in maintaining economic meetings and meetings between the two friendly countries. The ambassador presented a letter from the head of the Federation of Greek Industries to Al-Hamdani. The letter is demanding the sponsorship of an Iraqi-Greek forum in Baghdad in October this year with the participation of more than 80 Greek companies aiming to enter, work and invest in Iraqi markets. Al-Hamdani stressed hosting this forum and sponsoring the room for him and the activities of the fourth European Iraqi recipient. It will be held in July this year in the Greek capital of Athens.

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