More than 7,000 Displaced Returned to Mosul due to Referendum in Kurdistan

On Sunday, the Assistant Director in the Department of Migration & Displaced in the Nineveh province, Nazem Yahya issued a statement that there are at least 7 thousand families returning from various Iraqi provinces. Yahya indicated in a televised interview that a large number of these families left provinces in the Kurdistan region and the camps under the control of Kurdish authorities. Now, they are returning to Mosul due to their fear about the referendum scheduled on Monday 25th September 2017. He further added that the Iraqi Immigration Department has started the registration of these families in order to provide relief and various types of assistance to them. The Kurdish Supreme Council for referendum had expressed its rejection about all proposals regarding the postponement of Kurdistan referendum. The Council said that referendum will take place on its announced date 25th September 2017.

More than 7,000 Displaced Returned to Mosul due to Referendum in KurdistanThe Iraqi Federal Supreme Court also ordered to stop the Kurdish referendum for independence on 25th September. The court said that it needs to examine complaints that the referendum in Kurdish region is violating the Iraqi constitution. The Iraqi Parliament voted on 12th September and rejected the Kurdish referendum and Iraqi Federal Supreme Court ordered on 18th September to stop the referendum process in the Kurdistan region. The Iraqi Parliament issued a decision and allowed the Iraqi Prime Minister to take essential steps to preserve the unity of Iraq. Iraqi Parliamentarian Nazim Al-Saadi said that referendum is against the principles of political process and Iraqi Constitution, but the Kurdish people can play a key role. He added that referendum is illegal and it allows Iraqi government to stop it by all means and all powers. Saadi added that the agitation of Kurds represent a disgraceful threat to political and security stability in Iraq. Iraqi Kurdistan is an independent region in Northern Iraq led by KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) President Massoud Barzani.

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