More than 27 billion dinars, loans

More than 27 billion dinars, loans


iraqidinarsBaghdad, Mustafa al-Hashemi, is launching loans for the establishment of productive projects of the most important success factors for the economy of any country in the world which contributes to reducing the unemployment rate as well as he represents one of the operators of manpower.

Iraq has seen in recent years, the establishment of productive projects for individuals within the loans allocated for the establishment of projects, small and medium distributed among the provinces.

According to the managing director of the Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees, which guarantees loans granted by banks to set up small and medium enterprises Amin Abdel Sattar, the employment opportunities for 2013 in all provinces amounted to 4215 jobs, including 746 new opportunity and 3469 jobs list.

added Abdul Sattar In a statement to the (morning) that the sum of the amountsgranted to the loans last year reached 27 billion and 979 million and 770 000 dinars, adding that this amount dropped from what it was in 2012, where he arrived to 32 billion and 685 million and 352 000 dinars in the whole of Iraq.

He explained that this amount is distributed between 2865 loan diverse awarded last year in the whole of Iraq to the sectors of services and trade and manufacturing, medical, tourism and agricultural and construction by 9 community banks ranged from the preparation of loans granted between 17 and 372 loans to set up small and medium enterprises.

confirmed Abdul Sattar said the increasing number of loans Granted it came to reducing the time factor and the voltage between the company on the one hand and between banks and borrowers, on the other hand, through the adoption of regulations andElectronic Archiving which contributed significantly high proportion of loans recently than it was years ago.

revealed the launch of the work program of the warranty-mail on loans, which was designed and work for the purpose of rapid completion guarantees and trading between the company and its subsidiaries in various banks, where loans are traded through the detection prove the required information, then be approved warranty.

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