Ministry of Planning and UNDP Agreement to Overcome Unemployment issue in Iraq

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning has signed an agreement regarding the implementation of strategy in participation with the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) in the development of private sector. A statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning for Technical Affairs that Maher Hammad Johan has signed an agreement with the country director for the United Nations program in the Middle East, Munir Thabet. Hammad said in his statement that they will continue cooperation with the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) on the implementation of an excellent strategy for the development of private sector in various areas. He added that it isn’t a strategy of Iraqi Ministry of Planning. It is a National Strategy and it was prepared by a number of bodies from the private sector in cooperation with international bodies representing the United Nations and the UNDP. He said that this issue has been considered a consequent part of these programs that we discuss in the implementation of strategy in the development of private sector.

UNDP for private sector

Point to be noted that this strategy was approved by the Iraqi Council of Ministers in 2014. Hammad explained that this strategy has been originated by the authorization of the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers. The Department of Economic and Finance, private department, and other services represented the Iraqi Ministry of Planning.  John said that this strategy was designed at the time when the situation in the country was quite different. They considered that this sector will perform a major role in the development and reconstruction of the country. The current situation of Iraq needs a key role of private sector to meet the essential and real challenges. He pointed out that this strategy contains some key features in making a clear pace for private sector in the country. This issue is originally linked to the private sector in order to overcome expected unemployment in the country.

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