Ministry of Planning is Trying to Control High Inflation Rate

Iraqi NewsIraqi Dinar 123 News:– The ministry of planning admitted that inflation rate in Iraq increased in the last 2 months to 3.2% that resulted to 5.4% annual increase in the inflation rate. The major cause behind this increase is considered the high prices of eatables in the last two months because of clashes between Iraq security forces and Sunni Militants. We saw a heavy demand for eatables because people bought excessive food to store in their homes to avoid any shortage.

The heavy demand led to shortage of eatables and increased overall inflation rate in the country. the Iraq’s ministry of planning isa trying to control the situation so that they may reduce the prices of eatables. The experts believe that the inflation rate will not be able to control without prevailing peace in the country. Iraq need to establish peace to that inflation may reduce to its normal level. But the recent clashes between Sunni Militants and Iraq security forces are the major cause of instability in the country. They need to find a political solution for problems in Iraq and as a first step they should withdraw Noor Al Maliki from his seat that is famous for sectarian clashes between Shia and Sunni Muslims.

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