Middle East Newspaper Banned in Baghdad: Al-Tamimi

On Tuesday, the Governor of Baghdad Ali Al-Tamimi issued a statement that a ban has imposed on the trading of Middle East newspaper in the Iraqi capital Baghdad due to publishing fabricated news story. Al-Tamimi said in a statement that ban implementation was took place due to media violation by the Middle East newspaper. He added that honor to the women of Iraq, courage, patience and sacrifice in the title has become an essential part for us and the Baghdad government has imposed a ban to this newspaper to enter in the Iraqi capital. He added that the Middle East newspaper has been considered a source of disharmony and didn’t respect the privacy of Iraqi citizens.


Al-Tamimi further added that the alleged newspaper assaulted on traditional peaceful religious ceremony and blamed on Iraqi women, and published misleading statements that are against the ethics of the professional journalism. He added that the Middle East newspaper didn’t follow the professionalism and tried aggressive marketing ideas. He confirmed that we always support the freedom of press and refuse in overtaking on press or media organization. He said that we are providing a reasonable environment to professional journalists, but we condemn the existence of yellow journalism targeting Iraq or Iraqi citizens. He said that we really appreciate positive media professionals that are looking to defend the rights and freedom of people.

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