Did members of IHEC receive Death Threats?

On Wednesday, the Iraqi High Electoral Commission said that the members of the Commission have received death threats from various elements in Kirkuk. The IHEC spokesman, Karim Tamimi said in a press conference that lives of the commission members are in danger because some senior members have received death threats. Tamimi also indicated that the IHEC shouldn’t be under influence of any political discord. On Wednesday, IHEC expressed concerns that one senior member of the commission, Saad Kakay has received death threats from a political party. But, Kakay denied the information of death threats and said that he is safe and didn’t receive any kind of death threat. Kakay also criticized Commission for not recounting some votes manually for the Iraqi parliamentary election due to the voter fraud allegations. He said that the parliamentary elections held earlier this week were invalid. He was referring to the fraud operations happened in a number of provinces.

Iraqi Elections 2018

A source close to the Iraqi High Electoral Commission said that one of the members of the Commission of Commissioners of the IHEC said that the facts of rigging the rigging of elections and violations in a number of provinces. He explained that the Election Commission has lost control because of the outbreak of differences within it due to the disclosure of this Commissioner of counterfeiting following threats of mutual. The source also pointed out about a member of the Commission who said that it will appear on satellite screens later to declare the election invalid. On Saturday, the Electoral Commission announced the success of the voting process took place in Iraq with a participation rate of 44.52. It was the first election in Iraq after the victory over the Islamic State and Daesh organization. It was the 4th election since the fall of the former regime to choose a new Iraqi parliament.

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