Mechanisms that Controls the U.S Dollar Prices

If the methods and mechanisms succeed in maintaining and stabilizing the U.S dollar exchange rate, it is considered as controlling the currency exchange rate. A famous economic expert Yasser visited Kurdistan region and met with the Iraqi businessman in his office and he is resident of Erbil near Turkey border. They discussed about the reasons behind rise and fall in the U.S dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar and they identified the controlling forces behind it. They agreed that major reason behind these ups and downs rely on demand and supply theory.

The major impact of this advance pre-deduction is on the value of transferring funds. He also said that simple calculation and deduction of 8 percent taxes means that the price would be set for the 100 U.S dollar category. It is much equivalent at 1192 and it would be equal to the 92 U.S dollars and with adding the difference of 8 percent in the price. It would also increase the exchange rate and this price management would improve the trade price. Point to be noted that the term deduction would wrap up the shares of citizens. This method affectionate to the Abavien and there is a difference between Alcomerk and deduction on the import goods that are to be deducted on the same percentage.

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