Mayahi accuse the central bank to take action

Mayahi accuse the central bank to take action


Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad accused member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary MP Aziz Shareef al-Mayahi, Wednesday, the central bank to take measures intended to demolish the domestic economy, with its governor threatened to call Abdul-Basit Turki of the Parliament in the event of the continuation of that policy “suspicious.”

He Mayahi in a statement received “tomorrow Press”, “we warned earlier of the danger of central bank’s decision requiring the banks to deposit all their money in the Central Bank as a condition for entry into the auction to buy the currency, where began the outcome of this decision is reflected clearly on the rise in the dollar exchange rate suspiciously “.

He added that “the central bank did not provide any justification logical for this decisionparallels the damage experienced by the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and this is reflected heavily on the local market, traders and banks work alike and will impact in the event of continuing this policy in the near term food on the citizen.”

He Mayahi that “the central bank’s decision either he is not thoughtful or aims to hit the local currency market to serve the parties benefiting unknown and all this whole enter the door of the destruction of the economy,” noting that “to insist on this approach destructive force us certainly to the wire every legal means to put an end to it, including submit a request to the presidency of the parliament in order to call the governor of the central bank to provide Dfoath and justifications of what is happening. ”

The past few days have seen a rise in the dollar exchange rate, which are concerns raised by the collapse of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.

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