Many Problems Still Exist in Delivering a Good Budget

Finance CommitteeIraqi Dinar 123 News:– It has been seen that the Finance committee has been ordering the management of the House of Representatives to look into the economic situation of the country and to build a proper budget. A good budget needs to manage the whole country which would not be able to cause any kind of trouble for the public and the financial sector through out the year.

The chairman of the Finance committee said that it is important to manage things out for the budget so that it becomes easier for all the people who are facing issues due to the non availability of a proper budget would get into a better system of management for the country. The federal budget needs amendments and it needs to be done as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the council of ministers to make the necessary amendments and hand it over so that it can be implemented and relive the people of the issues they are facing.

The objections that were raised with the budget were done four months back and it is a good lot of time to let it lie there without any proper management. Settling the issue as soon as possible is very important now.

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