Management and Degradation in Printing of New Iraqi Currency

The Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee has confirmed on Monday that we are ready to implement the project of printing new large amount categories Iraqi dinar currencies, but there are some risks involved in printing new currencies of 100,000 and 50,000 categories banknotes. A member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Finance Committee Majida Al Tamimi said that the Iraqi Central Bank is ready to launch the project of printing two large amount categories of 50 thousand and 100 thousand Iraqi dinars. She further said that it would also reduce the circulated currency in the Iraqi markets.

She also added that towers have been built up in the Dubai currency exchange for the introduction process for replacement the currency but without damaging the old Iraqi dinar currency. She further added that corruption and managing operation will take place with the cooperation of the officials in the Iraqi Central Bank. She further added that Central Bank is working very hard for proper and corruption less implementation of this project, because it is much necessary for the betterment in the Iraqi banking system and to provide an ease to Iraqi domestic currency market.

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