Major Elements Boosting U.S Dollar Exchange Rate Against the Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– A large number of traders have predicted that shortage in the supply of U.S dollars in the Iraqi domestic markets would boost up the foreign currency market and it would increase the U.S dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar. They delivered their words in a press interview that this increase in the U.S dollar is due to the decrease in the sales of foreign currency daily action since last few weeks at the Iraqi Central Bank. It is still not confirmed about the other reasons behind the shortage in the volume of the U.S dollar to be traded in Iraqi domestic markets.

Most of the experts also assumed that current political and security condition in the country is participating in making disturbance in the operations of buying and selling the foreign currencies. It is important that Iraqi domestic markets showed handsome increase in the domestic markets and Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S dollar was recorded on Tuesday at 125000 Iraqi dinars per 100 U.S dollars. It was recorded at 122000-123000 per 100 U.S dollars for last couple of weeks. The Iraqi Central Bank has sold 124 million U.S dollars since last 3 months in the foreign currency sales auction at Central Bank.

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