Low Oil Export to Turkey Through Kurdistan Region

Oil ExportIraqi Dinar 123 News :- Iraq is exporting oil to Turkey through the Kurdistan region. It was seen that the oil market demanded oil from Iraq. Oil is always in need and every country wants to make use of it as much as possible. Since last year June, 11 oil tankers were sent to Israel. Israel demanded oil buying from Iraq too. It has been reported that since almost the same time 23 tankers were sent to Turkey too. Iraq dropped off the barrels of oil on Port Jehan which is in the southern part of Turkey.

It was reported that it was illegal to use this port for export and now the central government of Iraq has warmed the Kurdistan government to avoid using this port for any kind of export to Turkey. Illegal export would cause problems not only for the Kurdistan region but also affect the Basra exports.The Iraqi oil Ministry has put forward a complaint against all those companies and all those countries that are using illegal ports or illegal means to export and import oil or other things from Iraq. Using illegal ways to do trade means that the country is smuggling oil which would cause trouble for Iraq if reported by some other country in the United Nations. So Iraq is doing an internal investigation on the matter to avoid problems in future.

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