Last Week Fluctuation in the U.S Dollar Prices

The U.S dollar fell almost half percent against the powerful Euro currency and hit 1.1163 U.S dollars, showing downfall at 0.2 percent in the currency index to 94.040, it went up by 2 percent this week. It indicates towards a weekly rise for the first time during last six weeks. The U.S dollar fell on Friday, but it is moving for first weekly gain against the Euro currency and against major currencies since first week of April.

From the beginning of this week, the rising in the U.S dollar also returned 4 cents. It is also encouraging the wave of confidence by its continuous rise in the U.S dollar exchange rate after a decline since first week of April. The future of the currencies also relies on the improvement in the global economy data after disappointing from several months. The U.S dollar showed decline 0.2 percent with 120.82 Yen when we compare 120.95 and 120.90 as the statement by the Bank of Japan. The U.S currency rose more than one percent in this week against the Japanese Yen.

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