Lalish Temple in Iraqi Kurdistan

Lalish is the holy city of the Yazidi religion in Iraqi Kurdistan. Lalish is located 60 kilometers away from Mosul. The city is famous by the Sheikh Adi Ibn Musafir’s tomb located in the center of the city. Kurd people having Yazidi religion visit this valley and tomb once in a year for six days. During this stay people walk barefooted in the city and tomb as an honor and respect of this city and tomb.

If you are a tourist and going to visit Iraqi Kurdistan then don’t miss this festival if you found it during your stay. The driver will take maximum 20,000 dinars to take you to the Lalish. During your journey ask your driver to drive sensibly because most of the drivers in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan are considered to be the worst drivers of the world due to their bad driving habits. Your heart will be in your mouth when he will take fast blind turn.

When you will arrive at Lalish you will be surprised to know the price of food and other eatables. You will eat by heart only in 14 cents. You need to take off your shoes more than 100 meters away from the temple. You can go towards the temple by an underground way or can choose a straight forward way to visit the temple. You don’t need to take any guide to know about the temple because people there are very friendly and will tell you about the things you ask them about the Lalish Temple.

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