Kuwaiti Fuel arrived to support Iraqi Brothers: Al-Sabah

The government of Kuwait has delivered a significant amount of fuel in order to support the Iraqi brothers. Yousef Al-Sabah (Kuwait’s consul general in the city of Basra) issued a statement that the Kuwaiti fuel shipments that arrived in Iraq were anticipated at lightening the suffering of their brotherly people by supporting to operate their stopped power stations. On Tuesday, the (KUNA) Kuwait News Agency reported that Yousef Al-Sabah said in a press statement that the tanker (Kazawil) carrying 18,000 tons of gas oil arrived on Monday in Basra from the port of Ahmadi. Al-Sabah further added on Wednesday that the city of Basra has also received another shipment of 30 thousand cubic meters of fuel oil gas.

Kuwait send Oil for Iraqi people

The consul also stressed that the dispatch of these quantities of fuel from Kuwaiti government is dedicated to support Iraqi brothers and decrease their suffering by providing a handsome amount of fuel to operate their stopped power stations. It is important that Anmar Al-Safi (the Director of Public Relations and Information at the Iraqi Ports Authority) has announced on yesterday evening that the arrival of the giant tanker to the waiting station in the ports of Basra coming from the port of Ahmadi in Kuwait. This support will overcome electricity crises and various other related services issues. Point to be noted that recent crises in the country have sparked widespread public demonstrations in the southern Iraqi cities. Protesters were demanding better services and job opportunities for the unemployed Iraqi citizens.

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