Kurdistan: the budget will not be postponed

Kurdistan: the budget will not be postponed


Kurdistan AllianceBAGHDAD / My Day said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Khalil Mahma that trap mass on the state budget in the House of Representatives a constitutional right exercised in order to preserve their rights, pointing out that the budget will not postpone the parliamentary session next and will be approved in a matter of a week, no more if the political blocs agreed upon.

Said Khalil’s “My Day”: The budget, as in the House of Representatives if approved, it will cause a lot of problems because they contain a clear targeting of the Kurds as he put it, noting: We are asking the government to amend the budget because it is the kind of imposing wills.

He added: when they do not agree to the inclusion of Aref Tayfur budget bill on the agenda, he exercised his rights in accordance with the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, explaining that the pinions days will prove that we are right in our opposition to the budget law.

Khalil pointed out that the final accounts must be present when the vote on the budget and the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, said the budget will not leave for the nextparliamentary session and will be approved during the current session and circumstance week if the political blocs agreed.

Regarding the formation of the new government of the Kurdistan region, said Khalil: The negotiations between the Kurdish factions are still going on and confirm that there is a dispute between the Kurdish parties on forming a new government, but it is not up to the point of intersection.

To announce that House Speaker Osama Najafi said Vice President Aref Tayfur reject the inclusion of the budget on the agenda, as will continue until the time of the Council approving the budget.

Nujaifi said at a news conference yesterday that the budget bill is important and the House of Representatives is interested in legislation of this law, but this law arrived late to the parliament by about 100 days, reaching the most prominent problems between the center and the region.

Najafi added: During the last month we have decided to hold meetings of Parliament to be passed and introduced in the agenda several times, is that the state presented the budget session interrupted by some of the blocks and prejudice quorum.

He explained that the Presidency is not entirely consistent, and that the second deputy Aref Tayfur reject the inclusion of the budget on the agenda, as the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives makes it imperative for the Presidency, the inclusion of laws agreed upon by everyone.

He continued: There is another way, can be included to provide the budget request for the 50 deputies drawer budget, and we have tried in this matter, but that the Kurdistan Alliance withdrew and inhibits quorum.

He revealed Najafi about the existence of absences of all the blocks, and the National Alliance missed the 44 deputies, and the Kurdistan Alliance 15 deputies, and the Iraqi List, 25 MPs, calling on all MPs to attend the meetings of the Council, particularly after the issuance of the order of Parliament canceled all vacations, and will continue to time the Council on a daily basis until it adopts budget.

He said: The dispute between Arbil and Baghdad-based after the government’s decision to cut salaries for the provincial government as a contract problem, where the Kurds demanded wages and first in order to return to dialogue.

And went on: We do not accept any abuse to the House of Representatives and the impeachment, but the problem is between the province and the center node, which is to reach a solution satisfactory to both parties.


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