Kurdistan Region Imported 26 tons Gold During the First Quarter of 2015

On Sunday, the Directorate of quality control of jewelry products in the Region of Kurdistan issued a statement that the Kurdistan region has imported more than 26 tons of Gold in the past six months. It is also said that a decline reported that is comparatively higher than same period’s imports in the last year due to the major financial crisis faced by the regional government of Kurdistan.

Bakr Aziz, the Director of quality control for jewelry products said in a press statement that the imported gold products amounted 26 tons and it is divided by 8 tons and 200 Kg over the last six months from Erbil International Airport. It is also estimated that 16 tons and 700 Kg gold products have been imported through Sulaymaniyah international Airport in Dohuk during the same period of time. He further explained that most of the gold products have been imported from United Arab Emirates and Turkey to the Kurdistan region. He also indicated that it was considered as a decrease in the imported amount of gold for the same duration of last year because the financial, economic and security condition of the region. He said that the situation in Kurdistan is gradually getting better and we hope it would be much better in the coming time period.

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