Kurdistan Region Doesn’t Have the Right for Issuance of its Own Currency: Legal Expert

Iraqi Dinar 123 News:– A famous legal expert Tariq Herb said in a press interview that Kurdistan region has the right to issue their own specific banknotes currency for transactions in their region. He stressed that only the federal government has the right to issue coins. But, some of them said that Kurdistan regional government doesn’t have the power to issue their own currency. Point to be noted that issuance of currency and any kind of changing is the right of federal government, as defined in the Iraqi constitution. He added that it would provide a path to establish a new Kurdish state in the region.

The legal experts further said that Kurdistan regional currency will be considered as fake paper currency with no value. He added that issuance of coins is specific task to the federal government and the Central Bank cooperate the government for its circulation. The secretary general of the political development and reform movement, Muhammad Baziyani issued a statement on Monday that the Regional Government of Kurdistan is looking to issue their own banknotes. He added that these banknotes will be used for regional internal transactions. These banknotes would provide more help to overcome financial crisis in the Kurdistan region. But, it is clearly indicating for the establishment of a new Kurdish State.

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