Kurdistan Oil Export to Turkey is Increasing

Iraqi Dinar 123 News :- It was reported that the oil exports are done to Turkey through a pipe line. The Kurdistan region was exporting the oils since May and according to records the exports till now have been 13.7 million barrels of crude oil. This is a good idea that all those people who are interested to know how Iraq is managing its present economic situation should know that the exports of oil to different countries have been going on and Iraq is managing its economy through oil. Its oil reserves worth 11.7 trillion dollars are its base for growth.

The Turkish port is accepting oil trade from Iraq and almost 19 tanker loads have been exported during the past four and a half months.

It is important that the different issues would remain but the export would carry on between the two countries. Ceyhan holds 445 thousand barrels of oil in its storage for export. The pipeline that connects the two countries goes through the border of the countries and it is helping them in managing things for a better future.

Iraq is doing a lot for its growth and that Turkey is doing import and export with Iraq which will attract other countries to do the same too. Iraq attracts its oil clients by offering them crude oil at a lower rate than the rest of the world.

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