Kurdistan Independence and Strong Statements from Iraqi Clerics

The objections on the referendum in the Iraqi Kurdistan region have gone above the political arena. The Kurdish regional government has scheduled referendum on 25th September 2017. Point to be noted that mosques have been involved and religion is being stuck into the balance of opposing or supporting the referendum calls in the Kurdish region. A religious authority Muhammad Taqi Al- Madrasi repeated his previous statement against the Kurdish independence on 28th July and advised Kurd leaders to limit their demands and make them reasonable & sensible and their demands should be according to the Iraqi constitution. A religious authority in Al-Kazimiya, Muhammad Mehdi Al-Khalsi called on all Iraqi to stand up on 7th July against “disruptive projects”. He warned the Islamic world regarding forming a new Zionist entity in Kurdistan. Ammar Al-Hakim is leading the Shiite alliance (major political Shiite coalition in Iraq) said on 19th April on Egypt TV that “I think there is not any country that might recognize Kurdistan as a new independent state because the Arab countries need Kurdistan as a part of Iraq”.

Kurdistan Independence and Strong Statements from Iraqi ClericsPoint to be noted that there was a time when Kurdish movement was mentioned as “spy of Israel”. Another cleric Iyad Jamal Al-Din blamed Kurdish president Masoud Barzani on 26th June during an interview on Kurdish NRT television that there will not be an independent Kurdish state due to there are various votes against referendum call including Iran, Syria, Turkey and various other countries in the region. He added that Barzani is trying to build castles on the sand to cover up the instability in the Kurdish region. The leader of Sadrist movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr was the first to oppose the Kurdish independence. He said “I wish the Kurdish leaders will not implement this independence and Kurds are our partners & brothers in this country”. He said on 4th July that “I will ask Barzani to stop the referendum & separation at first step and to entirely forget independence in the future because we are too close of entire liberation of Mosul”.

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