Kurdish People should Welcome Iraqi Armed Forces in Kurdistan Region: Al-Abadi

On Thursday, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi issued a statement that the people of the Kurdistan Region should not show their negative reaction due to the presence of Iraqi armed forces in Kurdistan and they shouldn’t react as they showed their reactions for the Iraqi army in the former government of Saddam Hussein. Abadi delivered his words at a ceremony arranged by the Foundation of Martyrs in Baghdad. He said that the Iraqi armed forces will move to the Kurdistan region and Kurdish people should welcome them, unlike the former Iraqi army because that was not according to the desire of Kurdish people. Al-Abadi further indicated that we have experience a significant amount of cooperation between Iraqi armed forces and Peshmerga in the fight against terrorism, specifically against the ISIS (Islamic State) terrorist group. The handsome amount of cooperation generated a positive view about Iraqi armed forces among the people of Kurdistan Region.

Kurdish People should Welcome Iraqi Armed Forces in Kurdistan Region: Al-AbadiAl-Abadi also added that the Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga forces battled side by side in the termination of terrorist groups, ISIS and Daesh organization. So, the people of Kurdistan should welcome Iraqi armed forces in their region. He further indicated that there were some elements having doubt regarding the capability of Iraqi armed forces. But, our brave armed forces have shown their abilities in the liberation of Mosul from ISIS. Point to be noted that the liberation of entire Mosul announced on 10th July 2017 by the Iraqi leadership. At least 80% of the entire city has reportedly been suffered with damages or completely destroyed in the fierce battle and it caused a major task of reconstruction and rebuilding process. There is a large number of heavily destructed buildings, houses and shops. Massive airstrikes and artillery attacks also destroyed rows of shops, markets various public places.

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