Karbala launches soft loans for unemployed with a value of 5 to 10 million .

Karbala launches soft loans for unemployed with a value of 5 to 10 million .

Twilight news revealed the Karbala provincial Council, Sunday, the launch of soft loans for unemployed graduates of colleges and institutes and others, emphasizing the lack of coverage of government financial aid received.

And the Chairman of the Commission on human rights and Social Welfare Council wean alkertani “Twilight” that “the provincial Council decided to launch soft loans for unemployed persons in the province within the national strategy to reduce poverty.”

Iraq fired pThe year 2009 in collaboration with the World Bank, the national strategy to combat poverty that studies have shown that poor Iraqis over a quarter of the population of over 30 million people.

But the Iraqi Government figures indicate the rate of poverty in the country of about 18%.

Alkertani said that “the conditions for granting loans, including graduates and non-graduates and loan amounts ranging from 5 million to 10 million dinars, according to the nature and type of the project and that the loan would be over five years without interest.

“Requirements for granting loans are bringing a lease stamped by notary and civil sponsor continued in government service or retired”.

The Commission calls on non-registered loans of wanting to borrow the loan service to record their statements and that the loans are registered in the database of loan service “.

And get Iraq to tens of billions of dollars annually from the sale of crude oil but plans to combat poverty and the country’s reconstruction is moving very slowly as a result of widespread corruption

 source: shafaaq.com

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